Jobs Outlook For the Pharmaceutical Industry

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for Pharmacology is excellent and expected to flourish through 2016. This means not only pharmacists are in big demand, but the need for pharmacy assistants and other personnel is high right now too. “Each week, the overall job market improves and there are certain areas, including pharmacology, that are particularly worth watching, says A. Harrison Barnes, founder of Hound.

Pharmacists ensure the right prescriptions are filled for patients. They also serve as advisors to both customers and even physicians. It’s an exciting career and one that allows a lot of visibility in the public eye. While there are many national drug store chains, there are many job opportunities for those wishing to remain in smaller communities. Pharmacy technicians, generally required to complete so many hours of continuing education and become certified with their home states, will also enjoy the opportunity to select among more than one or two openings.

The pharmaceutical company as a whole is exciting and fast paced. Drug companies spend billions of research dollars each year and the ones they send medical breakthroughs to? Pharmacies and physicians are usually on the frontline of receiving new medicines. With an average of four years before the FDA approves new drugs, and then with only a five year patent before competitors can step in and begin making generics of the same drug, these drug companies know their window of opportunity is limited. This is another explanation of what drives the pharmaceutical industry. They spend billions annually in research, development and marketing of these drugs; they also are diligent in their efforts to ensure their latest advances become front and center in the medical sector.

This, of course, means the need for pharmaceutical sales. These sales representatives act as the face of the drug companies they work for. Their jobs are exciting and fast paced. Their goal is to work in tandem with both physicians and pharmacists in their efforts of ensuring patients are receiving the best medications for their needs. They’re the liaisons in the medical community. Couple this with the billions spent in advertising every year, and a picture emerges of a job market that’s ripe for expansion. One look at any of the numerous commercials and the investments these companies make speak volumes of the talent they incorporate to design and develop these advertisements. Marketing and advertising reps work tirelessly to get their company’s medications in front of the right people.

Many of the sales positions are sometimes filled with those who have experience and a proven track record. It requires an assertive personality, but one must also be responsible and remain aware of the responsibility he or she carries each time a prescription is filled, samples are left with a pharmacist or physician and incentives are provided for trying a company’s new drug. A. Harrison Barnes agrees it’s an exciting and fast paced career choice. That said, those who’ve found success in these positions usually spend a large part, if not all, of their careers in these various pharmaceutical roles. Be sure to visit Hound for the latest job openings in the pharmaceutical sector – whether it’s sales, marketing or within a pharmacy filling prescriptions.